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Time for Awaking

Posted by ImAMoronToo - September 17th, 2021

Long ago, in the city of Shiwa, an evil clan rose from the shadows of the city and took control over the city. For many centuries, people were forced to work in harsh conditions and work nonstop for the leader of the clan. Yamamuro Kiemon, a man who killed thousands and burned down cities with his clan, if people did not listen to him, they would be brutally punished. A group of rebels was made to fight back his forces and to save the city from his rule. Hiroto Keizo was the leader of the clan and led many battles that caused casualties to the group and clan. Hiroto meets a woman called Sada Miyako and he falls in love with her. They have a child and name him Seto Keizo. Hiroto continues to fight battles and wins each one which soon pisses off the leader. He sends troops to their base to ercadite whole group. Hiroto hears gunfire from upstairs and sees the leader with his group. Telling his wife to take the secret passage and to head as far away as you can, she takes her baby and leaves. Hiroto does the best he can to deal with them but soon she is overwhelmed and falls to the ground being shot in the head and dies.. Then troops follow her and Sada goes into an alleyway, she hides her baby in a dumpster and Sada runs away only to be killed by Yamamuro’s men. Sada, now a baby, is alone until he is found by Ueda Yaichiro, ex-samurai who finds Sada on the ground bleeding, he rushes to him to find out what happened when Sada tells her to take the baby and to raise him, she dies in her hand. Yaichiro takes the baby and leaves. Ueda takes the baby back to village Naie, he makes a promise that he will protect their child and train him in case something bad comes up, he will be prepared. Years later, Seto, a fully grown kid at age of 18 is training at Yaichiro’s shoin-zukuri. Seto is training when Ueda calls him over, Seto comes and Ueda goes and asks him to fetch stuff he ordered from the shop. Seto goes and greets people in the village of Naie and heads to shop to fetch supplies Sada needs. When he leaves shop, people in village scream about gunshots coming from Sada shoin-zukuri, Seto panicked, rushes their to find Ueda on ground bleeding out, Seto rushes to him and asked who did this, Sada felt guilty about not telling Seto about his past. Ueda tells him to come closer and explains his whole past to him. Ueda then tells the man who shot him and dies in his hand. Filled with rage, he sets out to take his revenge and bears Ueda sword, Bushikatagi, a sword crafted of best materials and forged in hot lava. 



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For game and title is final! Bioheart: Shift Between Realms. Only one on the team, lol. If anyone is curious about joining the team. Feel free to pm. Thank you guys for support!

I want to join!